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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2021


600 thousand years ago a volcanic explosion created Yellowstone National Park.

The annual rain water is heated by an underground magma chamber. This hot water rises through small cracks, mixing with carbon dioxide from the magma. 

This newly formed acidic solution dissolves limestone rock as it reaches the surface of the hot springs. Once the water is exposed to air, the carbon dioxide escapes from the solution, turning the dissolved limestone into white travertine rock.



Metal Details

  • Created by infusing dye directly into a specially coated aluminum sheet
  • Includes a wall mount for instant display
  • Hooks not included
  • Max weight is 10.5 lbs
  • Easy to clean with cloth and/or water


Paper Details

  • Printed on Kodak ENDURA Silk, perfect for vibrant images
  • Includes white border 
  • Matting and/or framing is not included, but available upon request
  • Prints 36x24 will be printed on Kodak ENDURA Metallic


All photos are printed at Bay Lab Photo in California.


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